About us

Wyver Solutions is a group of high-level specialists working in the fields of learning solution architecture, user experience design, project management and business & process improvement.

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As well as the standard corporate and academic learning technologies, we also keep a close eye on the technologies being used by wider society or enterprise IT. Many of these can play a part in supporting learning, without significant extra expense.

We are not afraid to tell you if there is a better & less expensive way – even if that will result in less work for us. Our aim is to build up long-term relationships centred on trust, rather than short-term expediency.

Our work

Our portfolio includes a range of work from across the public and private sector, in the UK, Sweden and the US.

Examples include:

How we remain independent

Precisely who we bring in or recommend is dependent only on your particular requirements. We value our independence, and therefore we only enter into agreements with suppliers where we can maintain that independence. We do not receive any commission or kick-backs for any introductions made.

Some suppliers use Wyver Solutions to provide solution design, implementation and project management services. To avoid conflicts of interest, our preference is to offer this as an independent service directly to our customers, and to only work for the suppliers when they have brought us into their customers.

When working on your behalf, we are able to put your interests first. A clear line of accountability helps this greatly!

Our people

We build virtual teams for specific projects, from our list of regular, trusted associates.

Adriaan Van Wyk

Systems administrator

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Sysadmin, support specialist and cloud computing consultant

Sarah Berthelemy

Office manager

Sarah portrait

General administration, and a strategic sounding board!

Mark Berthelemy

Lead consultant

Mark portrait

Solutions architect, project manager and learning technology specialist

Vanessa Tregunna


Vanessa portrait

Project manager and learning designer

Steve Wilson


Steve portrait

Creating lean code for web applications

Rachel Simnett


Rachel portrait

User and learning experience designer




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Gregor McPherson


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Commercial, process improvement and technology consultant