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These sample service packages are designed to help you understand what we offer and how we work.

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Learning technology review

Every few years, it’s a good idea to review how well the technologies you have in place are helping your employees or clients to learn.

We take a wide view, across your whole technology landscape to assess its current effectiveness and provide recommendations for improvement.

Typical outputs

Learning technology solutions architecture

Whether you want to bring in some new ideas on top of your existing technology landscape, or you are starting from scratch, we can help you to design a solution that works in your context.

Our focus is on creating a solution that will meet the needs of its users. Where appropriate we follow the guidelines provided for agile projects in the UK Government Service Manual. We have found that these work in many contexts, not just public sector services.

Typical outputs

Discovery phase

Alpha phase

Beta phase

Live phase

Supplier selection

When you come to look for a new supplier of learning technology, we can help provide an independent, expert viewpoint.

Typical outputs

Implementation project management

We have experience in both the traditional waterfall methodologies, and the modern, iterative project management approaches.

With this background we can help you get the best from your suppliers and your internal teams.

Typical outputs

These vary depending on the methodology that is appropriate for your context, but may include: